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D 40 WE System IP66

Exterior DMX controlled, dynamic LED effect lighting system

The D 40 WE System IP66 is an exterior LED projector range, developed for use in landscape and architectural lighting applications which require customisable, decorative, dynamic lit-effects from a compact luminaire.

Each fixture incorporates an 8x LED light engine, one or two LV multi-channel DMX drivers and a textured glass panel optic. These can all be customised to create decorative, dynamic lit-effects tailored to suit project requirements.

The system does not rely on any moving parts and the LEDs are not run at full power for most of the dimming sequence, giving a long working life of up to 100,000 hours.

Each fixture can be run at up to 5 Watts, providing up to 400 lumens, depending on the mix of LED colours and colour temperatures and the textured glass used. The lumen output varies during the dimming control sequence.

Rotatable in two axes using the adjustable angle brackets. Other mounting brackets are also available including custom designs to meet project requirements. Tree-strap and ground spike mounting options are available.

Both integral DMX LV driver and remote AC to DC DMX driver versions are available.

Various LED colours, colour temperatures and CRI options available. Different colour LEDs or white LEDs of different colour temperatures can be specified for each of the 8 LEDs within the light engine.

Custom anti-glare accessories can be specified - ensuring excellent visual comfort. Satin black, satin white or any RAL paint colour finish.

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